The Hat on Tripodjj4 Photo Gifts are Janet  Mason & Jean  Dawson.

We have known each other for many years working in our own gardening business, first started in 1980. We have always had a love of the outdoors going off for walks in the countryside whenever time allowed, taking pictures of our beautiful country, having particular soft spots for The Lake District,Wales and the Peak District.




Photograph of Janet

I inherited my love of photography from my father who used to take, develop and print his own photographs. As he worked in his dark room I would watch fascinated as his pictures would appear on the paper in the tray as if by magic.

My first camera was a Kodak instamatic; I used this for a few years then in my 20’s progressed to a Petri Flex 35mm SLR which I started using when my dad bought his first Yashica FX-D

I started to use a digital camera in 2000 but would still use a 35mm SLR along side this until about 2005.

Now I tend to use just the digital SLR but still prefer to aim to take the best photo I can at the time as I like my photographs to look natural without needing to enhance in any way, for example, if I wanted to take a macro photograph I will use a macro lens and get close to the subject so as to avoid any cropping later.





Photograph of Jean with 2 dogs

I didn’t have much access to cameras as a child but growing up on a small Staffordshire hill farm has led to an enduring love of animals, nature and an eye for the hidden landscapes within the bigger picture.

Now, with Janet’s encouragement and guidance and after many years of holding cameras, lenses and tripods for her, I have developed a style of my own.


We hope you get as much pleasure from browsing our gallery as we did taking the photographs.